Recently, voice actor who is interested


Ms. Tsubakino
Every Wednesday and Sunday
Doing Nico students
Audio work also
A voice actor sending out a lot

While listening
It is my favorite voice

The voice actor who becomes the basic anxiety
I like the voice, though. . .

Since I was hooked on the work of binaural sound
I bought a lot of it and heard it.

Because the pros are doing the work
Kanji is like that character
I feel that Nico students feel the most prime.

Ayaka Iagasaki
Nico student always
It looks like a work
People who do the service

Because I'm calling it chores
I am very busy.
Nico student has priority as one of the members
It will be driven out soon (laugh)

Haruhiro Aman
If you are a Nico
Drinking I wonder if it broadcasts?
Kyushu girl was good.

Mr. Igasaki and Mr. Tenchi
It seems I can meet you at Comike
Comike is far away
I can not go (cry)

If it is binaural
These three people may be most interested at the moment.

What is your favorite animation and Lazya?
before you could say Jack Robinson
It is too time ^ ^

What does it mean?
There is no such thing.
Just what I thought
It is such a blog ('∀ `)

Thank you for reading.


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