Iku Saki's Nico Binaural


Asaka Haru and Mr. Chuyu
The guests.

With 1 million yen microphone
Great excitement.

Mr. Ikasaki
The microphone is detailed.
Teachers of training school also
Mike I knew it was detailed.

Even if I say a voice actor
Because it is a craftsman
Mike and things
Without going into detail
I thought that I could not do it.

Mike setting
What I was allowed to do
It was a good experience.
Already good memories.

These people
Net voice actor?
Is not it?
Because the voice actor is not qualified
I am a self-name voice actor
Speaking to say
I told you he was a voice actor.

It depends on ability.

I got the money
Because they are
It's going to be a pro.

by the way
To virginity
O - san came.

Recently this
It's hard for me to hear it.
Because you came, Ogura
I am glad you came.

Ogama is
Everyone is a nice person
I was saying that.

Mr. Ann and Ms. Ayaka Sarah
I was saying it was disturbing business.

Mr. Ann Kaifu, he is so angry though
On the other side, it seems to be a nice person.
Someone is serious and hard-working person
You can not survive the world
I feel like I was saying that.

I wonder if it was a voice actor or something?

With Twitter
To Mr. Follower
It is killing behavior
You look tough when you look at it.
Why do all the fans do?

Mr. Ayase Sara
You can touch people
I was saying it was tough.
Up until now
There was only one.

Virgin Lady's
The two,
It is not a character
Is not it really a virgin?
I think
I have a difficulty.

As expected
The voice actor
Voice of a character
Just listening
Should I know the person himself?

I also like characters
If he likes himself too
As a wonderful thing
I do not care.

Because I live in the world of competition
I think they are strong people.
I will give up once
In such a world
I can not live.

What is your favorite animation and Lazya?
before you could say Jack Robinson
It is too time ^ ^

What do you want to say?
There is no such thing.
Just what I thought
It is such a blog ('∀ `)

Thank you for reading.


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