Mr. Kobayashi's Ishikan · Radio No. 09


This animation
I like it.

Kana is cute.

It was an athletic meeting.
Women have more than one radio
Recently there are plenty
The voice resembles
If you do not understand it much
I do not know who talks
It is a difficult point.

I beat Hades.
Kobayashi-san is cool.

Because it is Emiri
Something, I think it's a trick.

Mr. Naganawa's voice
It is healed very much.


You're a funeral?
Funny with the color of the car number?
Recently there are a lot of lights
I guess yellow often sees it?

Everyone remember well.
It is young.
When I was a student
I forgot what it was popular with.

I do not have cicada in my mouth. . .
Tagame is too tight.

I told you I ate this
I did not know who the person is
I was saying Mr. Kuwabara now.
Mr. Kuwahara, you are cute
Comedy person
It would be better for you to say that it's funny
I feel like I was saying that.

Because I can not stay like a child
To become an adult
Might be so.

I realize that I became an adult
No matter how old you become old friend
I feel like adults when I was a child
It is far from the ideal image I thought
I still think that I am a child.

"Mr. Kobayashi San's music collection"
When is it released?
It does not look like Toll.

Mr. Kuwabara is told.
I will make you laugh.

After checking things
I was scared.

What is your favorite animation and Lazya?
before you could say Jack Robinson
It is too time ^ ^

What do you want to say?
There is no such thing.
Just what I thought
It is such a blog ('∀ `)

Thank you for reading.


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